International Relations newsletter

International Relations newsletter

A fresh new year! What are your New Years’ resolutions? 

One of our resolutions is to try to get you and the members of your urological society even more involved in EAU. For example as Affiliate or Associate member of an EAU Section. In fact: with the new type of membership – targeting medical students specializing in urology – we hope to get people involved at an even earlier stage! In this newsletter you will find more information on how you can mark your mark within the EAU. 

With the EAU16 just lurking around the corner we would like to ask for your special attention for the Urology Beyond Europe programme scheduled for Friday 11 March. I look forward to joining you in Munich for these sessions as well as the many other state of the art scientific sessions!

Perhaps, after reading this newsletter, you have some feedback you may wish to share with us: we would love to hear from you! 

With kindest regards,

Chris Chapple 
Secretary General of the EAU

First day of EAU16: International Relations & History of Urology
We kindly invite all members of the national societies to join EAU16 in Munich. The first day of EAU16 traditionally focuses on the EAU’s international ties with the Urology Beyond Europe programme. All day, joint sessions with regional and national societies highlight the importance of international cooperation in the improvement of urological care.

Interested the very roots of urology? Join the 6th International Congress on the History of Urology. The pioneers of the field will be speaking on the important breakthroughs in technique and technology. Encourage your members to register before 9 February for the last discounted fee! 

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Be involved in your urological subspecialty
Do you want to be actively involved in your urological subspecialty or contribute to one of our Sections? Then you can become Affiliate or Associate member of an EAU Section. Each of the twelve EAU Sections provide an excellent opportunity to engage with a specialised platform, exchange experiences with like-minded experts, become involved in educational activities, and participate and organise section meetings. Visit the Section pages and learn how you can stay updated or participate. Be part of the largest international community in urology and contribute to improve the level of urological care!
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New in UROsource
Didn’t have a chance to visit the 11th South Eastern European Meeting (SEEM15) in Antalya or 7th European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancers (EMUC15) in Barcelona? No problem, you can easily review the scientific content of these meetings in UROsource. Latest added are the webcasts of the well-attended 13th Meeting of the EAU Section of Oncological Urology (ESOU16) in Warsaw. Delegates will have free access to the meeting resources of the meetings attended and EAU members, who didn’t make it, can buy full access to UROsource for a reduced fee.
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EAU Membership now extends to medical students
The EAU recently introduced a new form of membership, targeting medical students who are specializing in urology. Student membership offers many of the same benefits as a resident’s or full membership, including but not limited to: online access to the EAU Guidelines; a hard copy of the Pocket Guidelines; online access to European Urology and EU Focus; advanced access to UROsource; free access to the Annual EAU Congress and discounts for other events; and access to a variety of publications. For a full list of benefits and more information on signing up, please visit the EAU’s membership pages! A student membership costs €50 annually.
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